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Advance Program

     Here, ICFPT 2013 Program [pdf] is uploaded.


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  Tuesday, December 10, 2013





Keynote Lecture II
Session Chair: Kazutoshi Kobayashi(Kyoto Institute of Technology)

8:40-9:40 Reconfigurable chip Advantage compared with GPGPU from the compiler perspective
Dr. Kazutoshi Wakabayashi/NEC Corp.

Poster Session II

9:40-10:40 (Poster Presentation)

An Acceleration Method of Short Read mapping using FPGA
Yoko Sogabe and Tsutomu Maruyama

Quantum FPGA Architecture Design
Jialin Chen, Lingli Wang and Bin Wang

Real-time High-quality Stereo Vision System in FPGA
Wen-Qiang Wang, Jing Yan, Ning-Yi Xu, Yu Wang and Feng-Hsiung Hsu

High-Level Synthesis of Dynamic Data Structures: A Case Study Using Vivado HLS
Felix Winterstein, Samuel Bayliss and George Constantinides

Datapath Fault Tolerance for Parallel Accelerators
James J. Davis and Peter Y. K. Cheung

Hardware Acceleration of Biomedical Models with OpenCMISS and CellML
Ting Yu, Chris Bradley and Oliver Sinnen

sAES A High Throughput and Low Latency Secure Cloud Storage with Pipelined DMA Based PCIe Interface
Yongzhen Chen, Miguel Rodel Felipe, Yi Wang, Yajun Ha, Shuqin Ren and Khin Mi Mi Aung

A 66.1 Gbps Single-pipeline AES on FPGA
Qiang Liu, Zhenyu Xu and Ye Yuan

Partially Reconfigurable Flux Calculation Scheme in Advection Term Computation
Mohamad Sofian Abu Talip, Takayuki Akamine, Mao Hatto, Yasunori Osana, Naoyuki Fujita and Hideharu Amano

FPGA-accelerated Key Search for Cold-Boot Attacks against AES
Heinrich Riebler, Tobias Kenter, Christoph Sorge and Christian Plessl

A Low power Reconfigurable Accelerator using a Back-gate Bias Control Technique
Hongliang Su, Weihan Wang, Kuniaki Kitamori and Hideharu Amano

Adaptive Compression for Instruction Code of Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
Moo-Kyoung Chung, Jun-Kyoung Kim, Yeon-Gon Cho and Soojung Ryu

2.1 High Level Synthesis I
Session Chair: Qiang Liu (Tianjin University)

10:40-11:00 SOAP: Structural Optimization of Arithmetic Expressions for High-Level Synthesis
Xitong Gao, Samuel Bayliss and George Constantinides

11:00-11:20 Making Domain-Specific Hardware Synthesis Tools Cost-Efficient
Nithin George, David Novo, Tiark Rompf, Martin Odersky and Paolo Ienne

11:20-11:40 System-Level FPGA Device Driver with High-Level Synthesis Support
Vipin Kizhepatt, Shreejith Shanker, Dulitha Gunasekara, Suhaib Fahmy and Nachiket Kapre

11:40-12:00 Bitwidth-Optimized Hardware Accelerators with Software Fallback
Ana Klimovic and Jason Anderson



2.2 FPGA Applications II
Session Chair: Tsutomu Maruyama (University of Tsukuba)

13:30-13:50 Implementation of High Performance Hardware Architecture of OpenSURF Algorithm on FPGA
Xitian Fan, Chenlu Wu, Wei Cao, Xuegong Zhou, Shengye Wang and Lingli Wang

13:50-14:10 TROJANUS: An Ultra-Lightweight Side-Channel Leakage Generator for FPGAs
Sebastian Kutzner, Axel Poschmann and Marc Stöttinger

14:10-14:30 Real-time and Low Power Embedded L1-Optimization Solver Design
Zhi Ping Ang and Akash Kumar

14:30-14:50 A Low Latency Kernel Recursive Least Squares Processor using FPGA Technology
Yeyong Pang, Shaojun Wang, Yu Peng, Nick Fraser and Philip H.W. Leong

14:50-15:10 Break

2.3 (Special Session) Coarse Grain Reconfigurable Architectures for Graphics
Session Chairs: Soojung Ryu (SAMSUNG Electronics) and Steve Wilton (University of British Columbia)

15:10-15:30 Efficient Execution of Augmented Reality Applications on Mobile Programmable Accelerators
Jason Jong Kyu Park, Yongjun Park and Scott Mahlke

15:30-15:50 An OpenCL Optimizing Compiler for Reconfigurable Processors
Jeongho Nah, Jun Lee, Hongjune Kim, Jinseok Lee, Seok Joong Hwang, Donghoon Yoo and Jaejin Lee

15:50-16:10 Real-time Ray Tracing on Coarse-grained Reconfigurable Processor
Jaedon Lee, Youngsam Shin, Won-Jong Lee, Soojung Ryu and Jeongwook Kim

16:10-16:30 Mobile GPU Shader Processor based on Non-blocking Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Arrays Architecture
Kwontaek Kwon, Sungjin Son, Jeongsoo Park, Jeongae Park, Sangoak Woo, Seokyoon Jung and Soojung Ryu