Practical IT Curriculum

The Practical IT Curriculum is an academic program at the Department of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba.


  • Students can get a certificate of program completion if they obtain the specified number of credits.
    • A certificate of completion of Practical IT Curriculum can be given to the students if they have 4 credits from Group 1 and 6 or more credits from Group 2 in the following list.

Course list

Classification Course Credits
Group 1 Project Practice Workshop 2
Group 1 Initiative Project I 2
Group 2 Special Lecture on Social Innovation in ICT 2
Group 2 Internship I 1
Group 2 Advanced Course in Cyber Risk 1
Group 2 Principle of Software Engineering 2
Group 2 Topics in Computer Ethics 2
Group 2 Techniques for Mining Software Repositories 1
Group 2 Program Development on Embedded System 2
Group 2 Special Lecture on Cryptography I 1
Group 2 Special Lecture on Cryptography II 1

Inquiries should be sent by email to the address d-curri [at]