Master's Program; General Program

This page describes the Master's Program at the Department of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba. (This program is called a General Program, to disambiguate it from other special-purpose programs in the Department of Computer Science.)

The slides "Introduction to the CS Curriculum - Master's General Program" (presented in the Guidance on April 2021) is here.

Regarding the slides "Introduction to the CS Curriculum - Master's General Program" for students enrolled in the fall semester, please refer to the above slides.

The timetable for courses is here (in Japanese only).


The Master's Program consists of the master's degree research and coursework to learn various topics of computer science.

  • Research in the Master's Program

    • 1st year, Spring Semester. Students attend the Mid-term Presentation.
    • 1st year, Fall Semester. Students attend the Computer Science Seminar and give research talks once in the seminar.
    • 2nd year, Spring Semester. Students give research talks at the Mid-term Presentation.
    • 2nd year, Fall Semester. Students write master thesis and give talks at the final defense.
  • Courses in the Master's Program

    • Basic/Advanced Subjects: Since April, 2015, all courses in this program are classified into the basic and advanced subjects, to help students select appropriate courses to study.
    • Fields: Another dimension of classification of courses is fields. All courses are classified based on their fields such as common, project practice, and six major research fields in the department. In addition, the program offers special topics as courses.

Requirements to obtain the Master's Degree

All three requirements below must be satisfied upon the completion of the program.

  • Students must obtain 12 credits from the mandatory courses.
  • Students must obtain 18 credits (excluding the mandatory courses) from the courses below.
    • Courses offered by this program.
    • Courses offered by any program in the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering.
    • Other courses may be counted; see the details here.
  • Students must submit a master thesis and succeed in the final defense.

Course Catalogue

All information about course of this program can be downloaded from here.

Information on the courses in other departments or graduate schools can be found here (in Japanese only).

The Curriculum Committee, Department of Computer Science (d-curri (at) cs . tsukuba . ac . jp)