Doctoral Program

This page contains information about the Doctoral Program at the Department of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba.

The slides "Introduction to the CS Curriculum - Doctoral Program" (presented in the Guidance on April 2021) is here.

The slides "Introduction to the CS Curriculum - Doctoral Program" (for students enrolled in the fall semester, presented in the Guidance on October 2021) is here.


The doctoral program offers the opportunities to do highly competitive, original research under supervision of academic advisers (faculties in the Department of Computer Science).

Requirements to obtain the Doctoral Degree

  • Students must obtain 8 credits from the mandatory courses.
  • Students must obtain 2 credits (excluding the mandatory courses) from the courses below.
    • Courses offered by any program in the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, including the courses for Master's programs.
  • Students must submit a Ph. D. thesis and succeed in the final defense.

Course Catalogue

The Curriculum Committee, Department of Computer Science (d-curri (at) cs . tsukuba . ac . jp)