Frontier Informatics Curriculum

The "frontier informatics curriculum" is a non-degree program in the "computer science degree program."

Note: This curriculum is for students who enrolled before 2021. Please see the Human-Centered AI Curriculum for those who enrolled in 2022 or later.


The aim of "frontier informatics curriculum" in Masters/Doctoral course is to train experts who are skilled in cutting-edge information technologies and have knowledge to apply those technologies for solving problems in a problem domain in science/engineering.


  1. Please make your registration to the curriculum at the time of admission. An email informing the detailed procedure will be sent to all students.
  2. You will be certified if you earn sufficient credits according to the guideline below by the end of your program.
    • 1 credit or more from Course Group 1
    • 6 credits or more from Course Group 2
    • 4 credits or more from Course Group 3
    • 11 credits or more in total


Course group 1 (Mandatory elective)

Earn 1 or more credits from the courses below.

Degree program Course Credit Note
CS Frontier informatics A 1 English
CS Frontier informatics B 1 English

Course group 2 (Elective: CS)

Earn 6 or more credits from the courses below.

Degree program Course Credit Note
CS Data analysis 2 English
CS Experiment Design in Computer Sciences 2 English
CS Numerical simulation 2 English
CS Basic computational biology 2 English
CS Data engineering I 2 English
CS Topics in computer science I 1 English

Course group 3 (Elective: other than CS)

Earn 4 or more credits by taking courses in science/engineering or other application domains other than CS. The following is a list of such courses but not limited to them.

Degree program Course Credit Note
PPS Social simulation 2
PPS Spatial information science 2
PPS Wellness service science 1
SE Traffic service design 1
RR Seminar in soft computing 2
RR Theoretical environmental analysis 2
IIT Cybernics 2
IIT Social robotics 2
EME Energy system 2
EME Space development engineering 1

PPS: Policy and planning sciences / SE: Service engineering / RR: Risk resilience / IIT: Intelligent interaction technologies / Engineering mechanics and energy


If you have any questions/inquiry regarding the frontier informatics curriculum, send an email to the committee for international exchange: int-exchg [AT] .