CS Curriculum

The Department of Computer Science offers a variety of courses ranging from fundamental principles to cutting-edge technologies.

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Academic Programs

  • Degree Programs

    • Master's Program (General Program) offers students an opportunity to obtain the Master of Engineering degree by taking credits of courses and doing original research. Japanese and international students can obtain the degree only with English lectures by completing the Computer Science English Program.
    • Doctoral Program offers students an opportunity to obtain the Doctor of Engineering degree by doing highly competitive, original research.
  • Non-Degree Programs

    • Computer Science English Program also offers both Japanese and international students an opportunity to improve their English. A certificate of program completion is given to those students who satisfy the specified conditions.
    • Practical IT Curriculum offers students an opportunity to acquire the ability for practical solutions to the industrial problems by utilizing information technology and the information infrastructure which keep evolving. Its description in Japanese can be found here.
    • Frontier Informatics Curriculum aims to train experts who are skilled in cutting-edge information technologies and have knowledge to apply those technologies for solving problems in a problem domain in science/engineering.
    • Human-centered AI Curriculum aims to foster technical experts who have abilities to develop and apply AI technologies for solving real issues in our society.


The Course Catalogue (Daigakuin-Binran) describes various issues about your student lives including the academic calendar and rules. (It is written in Japanese only.)

The information on the courses of the Department of Computer Science is summarized in the table below. (Note that they are the information as of the beginning of an academic year, namely, April. Changes to the information will be shown in the announcement board (Keijiban) and/or this web page.)

Course Lists

Course lists can be downloaded from here.

For the courses provided by other departments or other graduate schools, check the Course Catalogue (Daigakuin-Binran) at the university web site (written in Japanese.)

The Curriculum Committee, Department of Computer Science (d-curri (at) cs . tsukuba . ac . jp)