Welcome to Our Department of Computer Science

Chair of Department of CS Computer Science is the field of research and technology that can turn our dreams into reality. When an artist makes a painting, this one page can deeply move the hearts of people. However, the influence of the painting ends there. The same goes for music and literature. On the other hand, the products of a computer scientist, the software, hardware, even the web services, they become "things" that actively work towards helping the activities of other people. Those who become Computer Scientists can not only transform the images in their heads into realities, but also make these realities a new part of our very world. Parts that can be used not only in your country, but everywhere around the globe.

Our department of Computer Science is proud to be at the bleeding edge of Japan's technological frontier. Our faculty consists of 72 members (26 professors, 22 associate professors, 6 lecturers and 18 assistant professors, as of April 2015). They cover almost all fields within Computer Science, so I am sure you can find a professor working in your field of interest. Also, the student-to-professor rate is small within our laboratories, so you will have the pleasurable experience of a man-to-man education.

The University of Tsukuba has many qualities that set it apart from other universities in Japan. One of those is its huge campus. It is the size of 55 Tokyo domes. Still, it is only 45 minutes by train from Akihabara, a fact that has surprised many visitors to our campus. In such a huge campus, we have a wide variety of research fields: from Engineering and Humanities to Sports Science, Arts and even Medicine, besides our own Computer Science, of course. The campus also houses the students, professors, and the secretarial staff necessary to support our daily activities. Also there are many international students coming from abroad to research and study with us.

Bulding B 1 April 2015
Kazuhiko KATO (Chair)
Department of Computer Science
Graduate School of SIE,
University of Tsukuba


The Department of Computer Science covers a wide range of research and education from fundamental information technologies to leading-edge technologies. Due to the development of the internet and mobile communications, the rapid expansion of digital data, and the explosive growth of multimedia, the society needs people who have knowledge of computer science, who can take a new point of view and develop a fundamental theory, and who can lead technology development. The department seeks to cultivate such people.

Specific research fields include :

  1. (1)  Information Mathematics and Modeling,
  2. (2)  Intelligent Software,
  3. (3)  Software System,
  1. (4)  Computer Architecture,
  2. (5)  Media Engineering,
  3. (6)  Intelligent System.

Graduate students develop keen skills on theoretical and mathematical methods for information modeling, analysis and resolution methods from the synthetic viewpoint of hardware and software. The department fosters researchers capable of analyzing and solving various problems in computer systems and related fields as well as engineers capable of developing and utilizing actual systems.


Master of Engineering,  Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

Destinations of Graduates

Our graduates enjoy high expectations to take leadership in this information society. Among those students who completed our Master’s program and were awarded degrees, about 80% went into employment while about 10% continued on to doctoral programs. Students who completed our Doctoral program and obtained degrees are working in universities, national research institutes and R&D sections in industry. Some of those continue research as Post-Doctoral researchers at universities.

Destinations of Master's program graduates (FY2012-FY2013)
Industry 199, Further study 22, Others 29
Destinations of Doctoral program graduates (FY2012-FY2013)
Industry 11, Universities, research institutes 8, Post-doctoral researcher 3, Others 11
Master's program graduates are working for employers including (FY2012-FY2013)
Acroquest Technology, Capcom, COLOPL, Dwango, Fuji Xerox, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM Japan, IVIS, J-POWER, Marvelous AQL, Mynet, NEC, NRI, NS Solutions, NTT, NTT Data, Rakuten, Ricoh IT Solutions, Toshiba Solutions, Yahoo, etc.
Doctoral program graduates are working for employers including (FY2012-FY2013)
AIST, ATR, Axell, Fujitsu, IIJ, KEK, Ministry of Defense, NARO, National University of Defense Technology, NEC, NTT, Panasonic, RIKEN, Samsung Techwin, Toshiba, Toyohashi University of Technology, Universitas Hasanuddin, University of Tsukuba, etc.