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Kazuo Misue, Others
E-Mail misue[at]
Office hours (Fall Semester) Mon. 16:00-18:00
Cource# 01CH747
Area Common Subject
Basic/Advanced 基礎科目
Course style Lecture, Practice
Term Fall AB
Period Thu5,6
Room# 3B311
Keywords ICT, social innovation, team activity, idea creation, design thinking
relation degree program competence Knowledge Utilization Skills,Management Skills,Communication Skills,Teamwork Skills,Research Skills,Expert Knowledge
Outline Lecturers invited from industry give talk about cases of innovation in various fields by using ICT. After lectures about cases, students practice group works. Through the group works, they learn a design thinking process for innovation.
Course plan
  1. Cases of innovation: Cases of the efforts to solve social and/or business problems by using ICT are introduced. The following topics are planned (topics are subject to change): technological singularity, financial systems, agriculture, medical care, intelligent automobile, sports, psychotherapy, and IoT.
  2. Creative process for innovation (Group works): Students perform idea creation exercises for innovation as group work. Using the design thinking for issues around us, they perform from field work to making a proposal of a service model. Through the exercises, they learn diverse expertise, experience the cooperation, collaboration with the people with different ideas and opinions, and the process of idea creation through design thinking.
References Announced at the class.
Evaluation Evaluated in the following viewpoints:
  • Reports for assignments
  • Activities in the group works
Multiply the percentage of class time corresponding to each assignment to make a total score.