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Mikio Yamamoto
E-Mail myamaAtcsDottsukubaDotacDotjp
Office hours SB908, 11:00-12:00, Monday
Cource# 01CH603
Area Intelligent Systems
Course style lecture (in Japanese)
Term Fall A,B
Period Tue5,6
Room# 総合B112-1
Keywords Language models, Ngram models, Smoothing, Backoff-smoothing, Interpolation.
Prerequisites Elemental level of probability, statistics and information theory. Programming skill is needed for a final project.
relation degree program competence Knowledge Utilization Skills,Management Skills,Communication Skills,Research Skills,Expert Knowledge
Outline This course will introduce students to several modern techniques for generative models of natural human language such as Japanese. In particular, we will focus on methods for estimating probabilistic models of languages.
Course plan 1.Introduction
2.Probability theory and natural language
4.Introduction of ngram models and information theory
5.back-off smoothing methods
6.Interpolation and EM-algorithm
7.Maximum entropy models
8.Implementation of ngram language models
9.Design of probablistic models
10.Discussion for the final project
Textbook pdf files on the web.
References (1)Kenji Kita, "Kakurituteki-gengo-moderu", 1999, (in Japanese).
Evaluation Determining grades with final project performance and report.
Misc. Open in an odd number year.
2015年度まで開講された「自然言語処理特論」(01CH603, 01CJ223)の単位を修得した者の履修は認めない。