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Hiroshi Tomiyasu, Shuji Sannomiya
E-Mail Hiroshi Tomiyasu:
Shuji Sannomiya:
Office hours RD303, Monday 15:15-16:30
Cource# 01CH402
Area Computer Engineering
Course style Lecture
Term 秋AB
Period 月3,4
Room# 3B302
Keywords data-driven processor, self-timed pipeline, low-power-cosnumption
Prerequisites Undergraduate level understanding of fundamental computer architecture
relation degree program competence Knowledge Utilization Skills,International Skills,Research Skills,Expert Knowledge
Outline We discuss about parallel processing architecture taking topic of the basic issues and also the latest research cases, for example Data Flow Model, from the view point of the system specification / verification methods and realization. Then, we mention not only achievement of high function and high performance but also maintenance of information system, the point of continuity view and the coming parallel and distributed processing system.
Course plan 1st-2nd week
What is parallel processing architecture?
- Introduction of historical background and necessity of parallel processing architecture

3rd-4th week
Realization of parallel processing architecture
- Parallel processing architecture which has been realized until now and its characteristics

5th-8th week
Research of parallel processing system and development case
- Introduction of parallel and distributed architecture which is given attention

9th-10th week
A view for the future of parallel processing architecture
- What information system as infrastructure should be and evolution toward networking architecture of networking architecture of parallel processing architecture
Textbook Course materials and handouts will be provided.
Evaluation Your grade will be determined by evaluating reports' score. The criteria below will be used as a guide.
90-100 A+
80-89 A
70-79 B
60-69 C
Misc. Open in an even number year.