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Kazuhiko Kato, Yoshihiro Oyama, and Hirotake Abe
Office hours Kato Mon 4, Oyama Wed 6, Abe Mon 4
Cource# 01CH306
Area Software System
Basic/Advanced 専門科目
Course style Lecture and seminar
Term 春AB
Period 月5,6
Room# 3B302
Keywords Distributed systems, operating systems, cloud computing
Prerequisites Operating systems
relation degree program competence Knowledge Utilization Skills, Research Skills, Expert Knowledge
Outline We study basic concepts, design methodology, and implementation techniques of distributed systems for Internet and local network. We also mention the trend of cloud computing.
Course plan
  1. Characterization of distributed systems
  2. System models
  3. Networking and the Internetworking
  4. Interprocess communication
  5. Remote invocation
  6. Indirect communication
  7. Operating system support
  8. Distributed objects and components
  9. Web services
  10. Peer-to-peer Systems
  11. Security
  12. Distributed file systems
  13. Name services
  14. Time and global states
  15. Coordination and agreement
  16. Transactions and concurrency control
  17. Distributed transactions
  18. Replication
  1. G. Coulouris, J. Dollimore, T. Kindberg, and G. Blair: Distributed Systems-Concepts and Design, 5th Ed., Addison-Wesley, 2012.
  2. M. Steen and A. S. Tanenbaum, Distributed Systems, 3e, 2017.
Evaluation Reports 100%.
Students are supposed to investigate and consider the subjects related to the contents discussed in the lectures, and to submit reports about it. The degree to which the study goal has been achieved is determined based on the reports.
Misc. Opened in even-number years.
Before classes, it is desirable to read the relevant part of the textbook about the scope to be discussed in class. After classes, it is required to create reports on the questions asked in the class.