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Shin Takahashi
E-Mail Shin
Office hours
Cource# 01CH217
Area intelligent software
Course style lecture, seminar
Term FallAB
Period Fri2
Room# 3B401
Keywords human interface, interaction design
relation degree program competence Knowledge Utilization Skills,Communication Skills,Research Skills,Expert Knowledge
Outline In this course, students learn basic skills and knowledge required in the design of the human interface with exercises and lectures.
Course plan
1. Basics of interaction design and human interface (1)
2. Basics of interaction design and human interface(2)
history and theory
3. Case Study (1)
direct manipulation and intelligent user interfaces
4. Case Study (2)
ubiquitous computing and CSCW
5-10. Analysis of human interface systems
Students read international conference papers about human interface systems, analyze the human interface system described in the paper, present the result, and discuss on the related topic.
Textbook none
References none
Evaluation Evaluated based on the followings:
  • several reports on lectures
  • a presentation on a HCI top-conference paper
  • a report on your presentation
  • participation
Misc. The presentation schedule will be fixed at the first lecture. Everyone should read an assigned paper and prepare a presentation before their presentation day.