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Akihisa Ohya
E-Mail ohya(a)
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Cource# 01CH205
Area Intelligent Software
Course style Seminar, Group Discussion
Term SprAB
Period Tue3,4
Room# 3A410
Keywords Intelligence, Sensing, Surrounding environment understanding, Human interaction, Human interface, Kansei engineering, Robotics
relation degree program competence Knowledge Utilization Skills,Management Skills,Communication Skills,Teamwork Skills,Research Skills,Expert Knowledge
Outline Recent results in robotics research field on intelligent activities related with sensor information processing and Kansei, such as understanding surrounding environment, human-machine interaction, human interface, and so on, will be presented. Also, the answer to the question "What is intelligence?" will be explored by group discussions through watching intelligent actions appearing on a simple robot model when the sensor and the information processing are made complicated.
Course plan In the first period of every week, recent research papers will be presented. In the second period, the answer to the question "What is intelligence?" will be discussed in groups consisting of several students after an explanation of a simple robot model based on a study-aid book. Details will be explained in the first class.
  • Overview, Schedule (Week 1)
  • Topics on Intelligence and Kansei (Week 2)
  • What is "intelligence"? (Week 3)
  • Presentation 1, Discussion 1 "Getting Around / Fear and Aggression / Love" (Week 4)
  • Presentation 2, Discussion 2 "Values and Special Tastes / Logic / Selection, the Impersonal Engineer" (Week 5)
  • Presentation 3, Discussion 3 "Concepts / Space, Things, and Movements" (Week 6)
  • Presentation 4, Discussion 4 "Shapes / Getting Ideas" (Week 7)
  • Presentation 5, Discussion 5 "Rules and Regularities / Trains of Thought" (Week 8)
  • Presentation 6, Discussion 6 "Foresight / Egotism and Optimism" (Week 9)
  • Presentation 7, Discussion 7 "What is intelligence?" (Week 10)
References Vehicles: Experiments in synthetic Psychology by V. Braitenberg
Evaluation 1. Evaluation Methods: Based on the attendance to the class, you will be comprehensively evaluated by the reports for each presentation, your single presentation, and participation in Q&A and group discussion.
2. Percentage: Reports 45%, presentation 45%, participation in group discussions and Q&A 10%.
3. Evaluation criteria: A passing score is 60% of the total score combined in the above ratio. Scores A+ to C are based on this total score.
TF / TA Taro Abe: abe-t(a)
Misc. Upload a report for each presentation made in class to manaba by the next class start time. Prepare slides for your presentation in advance and upload them to manaba by the class start time on the day of presentation. If you are absent due to such as conference presentation, please submit a notice of absence with a stamp of your supervisor.