University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Science and Technology Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering
Master’s / Doctoral Program in Computer Science

The Computer Science English Program fosters the development of qualified researchers in interdisciplinary computer science.

This program is for those earning the Master of Engineering degree at the Department of Computer Science in the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering.

Until 2013, the Computer Science Department, together with the Center for Computational Sciences, offered the "G30 Computational Science English Program". That program aimed at developing skilled researchers on the fields of High Performance Computing, including parallel numerical algorithms, parallel programming, and optimization of large-scale computing environments.

Starting in 2014, the "G30 Computational Science English Program" has changed into the "Computer Science English Program". In its new form, the program aims to cover a broader area than before.

Enrollment Procedure

The prospective student must first enroll in the Master Program in Computer Science, offered by the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering. The entrance examination involves a written test and an oral interview, which will be conducted at our campus. For more details on the application procedure, please check the University of Tsukuba's Graduate Admissions web page.

After the student is successfully accepted into the Computer Science Master Program, his/her enrollment into the Computer Science English Program is completed by sending an enrollment request containing 1) name and 2) student number by an email addressed to:

Computer Science English Program Promotion Committee: s-g30 (AT)

Completion Requirements

Requirements for the Master Program Degree:

  • A total of at least 30 credits must be earned, including 12 mandatory credits from the three Common Courses and at least 18 credits from the Elective Courses. Courses held within the Graduate School (including Campus-wide Courses for Graduate Students) may all be deemed Elective Courses, with no special restrictions applied.
  • Up to 10 credits earned for courses completed in other graduate schools (including Campus-wide Courses for Graduate Students) may be included among the earned credits required for Course completion, subject to approval in advance by both the faculty advisor and the Chair of the Department.
  • The requirements for Course completion are the earning of at least 30 credits and successful completion of both the master's thesis and the final examination.

Requirements for the English Program Certificate of completion

A student that has fulfilled the requirements for the Master Degree program in Computer Science will also be eligible for the English Program Certificate of completion if:

  • The student has enrolled in the English Program after being accepted in the Master Degree program;
  • The student has earned 10 credits or more in elective courses offered by the Computer Science English Program.

Following the fulfillment of the above requirements, the Department will, upon the certification of the Master Degree program completion, also issue a certificate of completion of the English Program.

Syllabus for the Computer Science English Program

Please see also the full syllabus for the department of Computer Science. The following may be obsolete.

Common Courses

Course NameCreditTermInstructor
Seminar in Computer Science 2Whole Year
Research in Computer Science I 4Whole Year
Research in Computer Science II 6Whole Year

Elective Courses

Course NameCreditTermInstructor
Advanced Course
in Computational Algorithms
(only odd years)
2Fall ABTetsuya Sakurai
Hiroto Tadano
Akira Imakura
Shigeru Saito
Special Lecture
on Numerical Simulation
2Spring ABDongSheng Cai
Basic Computational Biology
(only odd years)
2Fall ABT. Sakurai
M. Shoji
Y. Inagaki
S. Makino
M. Sato
Principles of Software Engineering 2Spring ABVasilache Simona Mirela
Shin Takahashi
Programming Environment 2Fall ABMitsuhisa Sato
Osamu Tatebe
Data Engineering I 2Fall ABHiroyuki Kitagawa
Toshiyuki Amagasa
Hiroaki Shiokawa
Advanced Course
in High Performance Computing
2Fall ABTaisuke Boku
Daisuke Takahashi
Adaptive Media Processing 1Spring ABKeisuke Kameyama
Experiment Design in Computer Sciences 2Spring ABTetsuya Sakurai
Claus Aranha
Topics in Computational Science I 1Spring CClaus Aranha

Campus-wide Courses for Graduate Students

Course NameCreditGradeInstructor
Computational Science Literacy 1 Kazuhiro Yabana
High Performance Parallel
Computing Technology
for Computational Sciences
1 Taisuke Boku

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