The HEART symposium is an international forum on state-of-the-art research in high-performance and power-efficient computing using accelerator technologies such as FPGAs, GPGPUs, and/or specialized accelerators. The fifth edition of HEART will take place in Boston MA, USA.

Important dates (all 23:59 A.O.E.):

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HEART2015 Boston
HEART2015 Boston
HEART2015 Boston
HEART2015 Boston


The scope of the meeting includes, but is not limited to:
  • Architectures and systems:
    • Novel systems/platforms for efficient acceleration based on FPGA, GPU, and other devices
    • Heterogeneous processor architectures and systems for scalable, high-performance, high-reliability, and/or low-power computation
    • Reconfigurable and configurable hardware and systems including IP-cores, embedded systems, SoCs, and cluster/grid/cloud computing systems for scalable, high-performance and/or low-power processing
    • Custom computing system for domain-specific applications such as Big-data, multimedia, bioinformatics, cryptography, and more
    • Novel architectures and device technologies that can be applied to efficient acceleration, including many-core/NoC architectures, 3D-stacking technologies and optical devices
  • Software and applications:
    • Novel applications of high-performance computing and Big-data processing with efficientacceleration and custom computing
    • System software, compilers and programming languages for efficient accelerationsystems / platforms, including many-core processors, GPUs, FPGAs and otherreconfigurable /custom processors
    • Run-time techniques for acceleration, including Just-in-Time compilation and dynamicpartial-reconfiguration
    • Performance evaluation and analysis for efficient acceleration
    • High-level synthesis and design methodologies for heterogeneous, reconfigurable and/orcustom processors/systems

FPGA Design Contest 2015 (Blocus Duo)

Following the FPGA design competition in ICFPT2013 and HEART2014, we are planning another Blokus Duo design contest at HEART2015. The regulation of this contest is slightly different from that of ICFPT2013; the new regulation reduces the first-move advantage in the previous regulation.
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