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Experiment Design in Computer Science_E
Claus Aranha, Tetsuya Sakurai
Office hours
Cource# 01CH740
Area Common Subject
Course style Lectures in English
Term SprAB
Period Fri 5,6
Room# 3B301
Keywords Scientific Methodology, Statistics, Experiment Design, R
Prerequisites This course has no pre-requisites, but the students are encouraged to review the following topics:

* Basic statistics
* R programming language
Outline This course is divided in four main themes:

* The philosophy of experimental science, and its application to CS
* The R tool;
* Experimental design of experiments
* Statistical analysis of experimental data
Course plan The following plan will be adjusted according with the progress of the class

Classes 1-2: Outline of the course, and the philosophy of experimental design: why do we need to design our experiments, and how this applies to computer science.

Class 3: Mini R tutorial.

Classes 4-9: Techniques for experimental design and statistical experimental data analysis.

Class 10: Report review and presentation
Textbook Please see the course web page for recommended readings
Evaluation The course will be evaluated according to a series of reports to be requested of students:

* A case study of experimental design using example data
* A experimental design proposal of the student's own research
* Analysis of literature
Misc. The lectures are fully in English