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Jie Li
Office hours 3F924, Monday 4
Cource# 01CH302
Area Software System
Course style Lecture
Term FallAB
Period Thursday 1,2
Room# 3B304
Keywords Communication networks, Stochastic systems, Queueing systems.
Prerequisites Operating system, information networking, computer architecture, and probability and statistics.
Outline This course introduces the principle and application of performance measurement and evaluation of multimedia distributed networks systems including the Internet and multimedia mobile networks. For the advanced topics, it will also introduce the modeling and evaluation of reliability, availability and security of information systems and networks.
Course plan
  1. Basics for system evaluation, performance measures and basic methods
  2. Basic laws for system evaluation
  3. Principle and evaluation of information distributed network processing systems: Architecture and modeling of multimedia network systems including the Internet and mobile networks, evaluation of system performance including QoS.
  4. System reliability and evaluation: reliability models for information systems and reliability evaluation.
  5. Information network security and evaluation: Information network security and modeling Information network security and evaluation
  6. Information system project management and evaluation
Textbook Slides used in this course will be delivered in the lecture.
  • The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis (Raj Jain, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1991)
  • Introduction to Probability Models, 7th Edition (S.M. Ross, Academic Press, 2000)
  • 性能評価の基礎と応用 (亀田 壽夫・紀 一誠・李 頡 著、共立出版、1998年)
  • L. Kleinrock: Queueing Systems, Vol.2: Computer Applications  (Wiley, 1976)
Evaluation Course projects, oral assessment, and final report.