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Advanced Course in Signal and Image Processing

Office hour
Hiroyuki Kudo,  Hotaka Takizawa
{kudo,takizawa} at cs dot tsukuba dot ac dot jp
Kudo:Sougou-B902,  Takizawa:Sougou-B-910; Monday 6

Course number
Media Engineering

Monday 4,5

Outline Depending on a year, this course mainly deals with image and speech coding (compression), image processing methods for image recognition and understanding, and advanced topics in signal processing.

Prerequisite Basic knowledge on Fourier analysis, linear algebra, and probability and statistics

Class plan
      Former 5 weeks:  "Image and speech coding"

1. Introduction to image and speech coding
Purpose of coding,  statistical property of signal information,  outline of coding

2. Predictive coding
Delta modulation (DM),  differential pulse code modulation (DPCM)

3. Transform coding
Transform coding,  orthogonal transforms,  examples of transform coding methods

4. Other coding methods
Subband coding,  vector quantization,  video coding

      Latter 5 weeks:  "Wavelet transform and its applications"

1. Theory of wavelets
Wavelet transform and Fourier transform,  continuous wavelet transform,  discrete wavelet transform,  multi-resolution analysis,  two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform,  etc.

2. Applications of wavelets
Applications to signal processing,  applications to image processing

Text We do not use specific textbooks.

(1) A.Rosenfeld, A.Kak," Digital picture processing," Academic Press (1982).
(2) J.S.Lim," Two-dimensional signal and image processing," Prentice Hall (1989).
(3) J.W.Woods," Multidimensional signal, image, and video processing and coding," Academic Press (2006).
(4) S.L.Saywood," Introduction to data compression," Morgan Kaufman Publisher (1996).
(5) H.Harashima," Image information compression," Ohm-sha (1991) (in Japanese).
(6) H.Nakano, S.Yamamoto, Y.Yoshida," Singal and image processing via wavelets," Kyoritsu-shuppan (1999) (in Japanese).

Evaluation Depending on a year, we require a writing examination or submitting a report to questions.

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