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Kazuhiro Shouno
E-Mail shouno at cs dot tsukuba dot ac dot jp
Office hours F532, Wednesday 11:30-12:15
Cource# 01CH408
Area Computer Architecture
Basic/Advanced 専門科目
Course style Lecture with exercises
Term SprAB
Period Mon3, 4
Room# 3B301
Keywords Transfer function, Operational amplifier, Analog, filter
Prerequisites Electric Circuits and Systems, Electronic Circuits
relation degree program competence Knowledge Utilization Skills,Management Skills,Communication Skills,Research Skills,Expert Knowledge
Outline This course introduces some topics of analog filter design: bilinear transfer function, frequency response, cascade design, biquad circuit, Butterworth response, Chebyshev response, and so on.
Course plan
  1. Resistor operational amplifier circuits
    • The operational amplifier and negative feedback
    • The virtual short
    • Analog addition and subtraction
  2. Bilinear Transfer functions and frequency response
    • Bilinear transfer functions
    • Magnitude responses
    • Phase responses
  3. Cascade design with first-order circuits
    • Inverting / Noninverting operational amplifier circuits
    • Cascade design
    • The allpass circuit: Phase shaping
  4. The biquad circus
    • Design parameters
    • Biquad circuit and its frequency response
    • The four-Op-Amp biquad circuit
  5. Butterworth lowpass filters
    • The ideal lowpass filter
    • Butterworth response
    • Sallen and Key circuit
  6. The Chebyshev response
    • Lissajous figures
    • Chebyshev magnitude response
    • Location of the Chebyshev poles
Textbook Resumes of this lecture will be provided.
References Analog Filter Design, M. E. Van Valkenburg, Oxford University Press
Evaluation Mainly based on reports and attendance.
Misc. Open in an even number year.