Computer Science Research Seminar 2023

The Computer Science Research Seminar provides a research forum for doctoral students and faculties of the Doctoral Program in Computer Science. The seminar consists of research talks by doctoral students and invited talks by guest speakers, both in English. All participants are encouraged to discuss the talk topics. All students and faculty members of the degree program are warmly invited to the seminar.

Doctoral students can obtain the credits of the elective course "Cross-Disciplinary Seminar in Computer Science" (0BLD514, 2 credits) by attending the seminar and giving a talk in it (pre-registration on TWINS is required).

Dates, time and room
Expected attendees
Preparing a talk
Report and Grade
Instructions for registration

If you would like to attend this seminar at least partly, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Register for the corresponding TWINS course "Cross-Disciplinary Seminar in Computer Science" (0BLD514). You will be given access to the Manaba page for this course on the next day of TWINS registration.
  2. Access the Manaba page, and answer a questionnaire in "Surveys".
The due date for registration is April 25.

Organizers in 2023: Yasunori Futamura and Yukiyoshi Kameyama (d-seminar (AT)