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Master's/Doctoral Program in Computer Science, University of Tsukuba


Application procedure

The following shows the application procedure for the MEXT scholarshop.

1. Find your prospective academic supervisor
Please contact your prospective academic supervisor by e-mail, and get his/her consent of your application to the MEXT scholarship offered by HCAIP program. The list of faculties can be found at the web site of the Degree Program in Computer Science:
2. Submit application documents (deadline: August 19th, 2022)
Submit your application via e-mail by attaching the following documents (in PDF format):
  1. Cover page including i) the course to apply (Master's course/Doctoral course), ii) field of research and iii) the name of your prospective academic supervisor whom you contacted
  2. CV (including photo)
  3. Academic transcript of each academic year of the last university attended
  4. Certificate of Graduation or Expected Graduation of the last university attended
  5. Any certificate indicating the applicant's academic excellence at the most recent academic institution, such as GPA, class rank.
  6. Thesis abstract
  7. Research plan
  8. Document indicating your English or Japanese proficiency such as: a grade report of TOEFL, IELTS, JLPT, etc.
    • English: Score report of a language proficiency test that corresponds to B2 or higher level of CEFR
    • Japanese: Certificate for passing the exam of N2 or higher level of JLPT
Submission e-mail address:
hcaip (AT)
(Replace "(AT)" with an at sign.)
NOTE: For each submission, we make a response to it. If you do not receive any response to your submission, please let us know by e-mail or a post to the following form.
3. Examination (Late-October, 2022)
Screening and selection are made on the basis of the submitted application documents and an online oral examination.
NOTE: Prospective applicant will be contacted via e-mail after the preliminary screening based on the submitted documents.
(Mid-late-November, 2022) The examination result will be announced individually after the examination. The successful candidates are recommended to the MEXT as the scholarship candidates.
(Late-February, 2023) The official notification from MEXT will be announced individually after notification of the MEXT via e-mail.
April 1st, 2023.


HCAIP Promotion Office
hcaip (AT)
(Replace "(AT)" with an at sign.)

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