Computer Science English Program


The Computer Science English Program of the Department of Computer Science offers two opportunies to students.

  • An opportunity for foreign (non-Japanese) students to obtain the Master's degree using only English.

    • The program offers a number of courses given in English, which is sufficient for a student to fulfill the requirements of the master's degree.
  • An opportunity for students to improve their English.

    • Students can take courses in this program to improve their English. If they obtain the specified number of credits, they get a certificate of program completion.

Course list

Classification Course (Course ID)
Mandatory Seminar in Computer Science (01CH001)
Mandatory Research in Computer Science I (01CH002)
Mandatory Research in Computer Science II (01CH003)
Elective Advanced Course in Computational Algorithms (01CH103)
Elective Special Lecture on Numerical Simulation (01CH105)
Elective Basic Computational Biology (01CH107)
Elective Principles of Software Engineering (01CH215)
Elective Programming Environment (01CH301)
Elective Data Engineering I (01CH304)
Elective Advanced Course in High Performance Computing (01CH406)
Elective Adaptive Media Processing (01CH609)
Elective Experiment Design in Computer Sciences (01CH740)
Elective Topics in Computational Science I (01CH751)
Elective Computational Science Literacy (01ZZ604)
Elective High Performance Parallel Computing Technology for Computational Sciences (01ZZ606)

Detailed Information

Detailed information of this program can be found at the Computer Science English Program home page.

Inquiries should be sent by email to the address s-g30 [at]