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RIMS Workshop

Mathematical Programming in the 21st Century: Optimization Modeling and Algorithm
Mathematical Programming in the 21st Century: Optimization Modeling and Algorithm

RIMS (Room 420), Kyoto University
Organizer: Takahito Kuno, University of Tsukuba
Phone. +81-29-853-5540
Fax. +81-29-853-5206


July 23 (Wed) Chair
Title and Speaker
13:20〜14:00 K.Murota
The proposal of the menu creation by foods classification

*T.Kashima, H.Ishii (Osaka University)


Covering Directed Graphs by In-trees

*N.Kamiyama, N.Kato (Kyoto University)


An Algorithm for Decomposition of Matrix *-Algebras Generated by Symmetric Matrices

*K.Murota, Y.Kanno (Tokyo University), M.Kojima, S.Kojima (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

15:30〜16:10 R.Hozaki
Quadratic Ordered Median Location Problems

Y.Ohsawa (University of Tsukuba), N.Ozaki (Railway Technical Research Institute), F.Plastria (Universite Libre de Bruxelles), K.Tamura (Railway Techinical Research Institute)


Matroids on convex geometries and the greedy algorithm

Y.Sano (Kyoto University)


An inspection game with the decision of the volume of contraband

R.Hozaki (National Defense Academy)

July 24 (Thu) Chair
Title and Speaker
8:40〜9:20 Y.Narushima
An Analysis of Solution to Easily Maintain Operation for Staff Scheduling

T.Kubo (Graduate University for Advanced Studies), T.Uno (National Institute of Informatics)


A Smoothing Newton Method with Fischer-Burmeister Function for Second-Order Cone Complementarity Problems

*Y.Narushima (Tokyo University of Science), N.Sagara (Aichi University), H.Ogasawara (Tokyo University of Science)

10:10〜10:50 K.Nagano
An extension of the existence theorem of a pure-strategy Nash equilibrium

*jun-ichi Sato, Hidefumi Kawasaki (Kyushu University)


A supply chain planning with a quantity discount policy under demand uncertainty

*S.Yamasaki, T.Nishi, M.Inuiguchi (Osaka University)


A Structure Theory for the Parametric Submodular Intersection Problem

S.Fujishige (Kyoto University), *K.Nagano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

13:20〜14:00 M.Takamatsu
Integer programming for a phrase alignment problem on statistical machine translation

*M.Yamamoto (University of Tsukuba), S.Umetani (Osaka University), T.Matsui (Chuo University)


Modeling to Minimize Setup Frequency in Printing Process

*S.Matsumoto (Oita National College of Technology), N.Ueno, K.Okuhara, H.Ishii (Osaka University)


Index minimization of differential-algebraic equations in hybrid analysis for circuit simulation

S.Iwata (Kyoto University), M.Takamatsu (University of Tokyo University)

15:30〜16:10 S.Hayashi
An approach to robust minimax receding horizon control problems

T.Kawabe (University of Tsukuba)


A Basic Study on Reactive Strategy for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems

*T.Fujiwara, H.Suwa, H.Morita (Osaka University)


FDMA optimality and some algorithms for dynamic spectrum management

*S.Hyashi, Z.-Q. Luo (University of Minnesota)

July 25 (Fri) Chair
Title and Speaker
8:40〜9:20 K.Sekitani
Optimizing multimodal functions using a multistart simplex algorithm

*S.Tonosaki, T.Kuno (University of Tsukuba)


A two-stage approach of Russell DEA model

K.Sekitani (Shizuoka University)

10:10〜10:50 A.Takeda
Metric-Preserving Reduction of Earth Mover's Distance

*Y.Takano, Y.Yamamoto (University of Tsukuba)


Feature Extraction Using Non-negative Matrix Factorization

*N.Ogawa, Y.Yamamoto, Y.Takano, A.Wibowo (University of Tsukuba)


Nu-Support Vector Machine as Conditional Value-at-Risk Minimization

A.Takeda (Keio University)

13:20〜14:00 M.Hachimori
A Polynomial-space algorithm for nonlinear global optimization

*I.Tsushima, T.Kuno (University of Tsukuba)


On the unique solvability for robust Nash equilibrium problems

*R.Nishimura, S.Hayashi, M.Fukushima (Kyoto University)


Orientations on cell complexes and optimal solutions

M.Hachimori (University of Tsukuba)

15:30〜16:10 T.Kuno
A Branch-and-bound algorithm for multicore multiprocessor systems

*S.Kohata, T.Kuno (University of Tsukuba)


Inexact Cubic Regularized Newton Method for Unconstrained Optimization

*K.Ueda, N.Yamashita (Kyoto University)


On convergence of the simplicial branch-and-bound algorithm

T.Kuno (University of Tsukuba)

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