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RIMS Workshop

Mathematical Programming in the 21st Century: Algorithms and Modeling
Mathematical Programming in the 21st Century: Algorithms and Modeling

Date: July 22 - 24, 2009
Plance: Kyodai Kaikan (Room 210)
Organizer: Takahito Kuno, University of Tsukuba
Phone. +81-29-853-5540
Fax. +81-29-853-5206


July 22 (Wed) Chair Title and Speaker

13:30-14:10 K.Fujisawa Topology optimization of trusses and frames with discrete cross-sections

*Y. Katsumi (Tokyo University), Y. Kanno
New technologies in the SDPA Project

*K. Fujisawa (Chuo University), K. Goto, M. Nakata, Y. Takamiya, M. Yamashita

15:00-15:40 M.Takamatsu On the rank functions of H-matroids

Y.Sano (Kyoto University)
Combinatorial Analysis of Hybrid Equations for Nonlinear Time-Varying Circuits --- Characterizing Tractability Index by Graph Structure ---

S. Iwata, *M. Takamatsu (Tokyo University), C. Tischendorf

July 23 (Thu) Chair Title and Speaker

9:00-9:40 M.Nakamura Fast and High Performance Computation System for Large-Scale Shortest Path Problems.

*Y. Yasui (Chuo University), Y.Takamiya, K. Fujisawa
Minimum and Optimal Bases of Implicational Systems

M. Nakamura (Tokyo University)

10:30-11:10 K.Sekitani The Problem of Tuple Inconsistency for Granulized Datasets

*C.H. Wu (Osaka University), H. Ishii
Worst consistency index of pairwise comparison matrix

K.Sekitani, *H. Niina (Shizuoka University)

13:30-14:10 T.Imamichi Jacobian consistency of the smoothed Fischer-Burmeister function for second-order cone complementarity problems

H. Ogasawara, Y. Narushima (Tokyo University of Science), N. Sagara
Exact algorithm for the one dimensional contiguous bin packing problem

Y. Arahori, *T. Imamichi (Kyoto University), H. Nagamochi

15:00-15:40 K.Nagano On the Approximation of the Generalized Capacitated Tree-routing Problem

*E. Morsy (Kyoto University), H. Nagamochi
Submodular Cost Set Cover Problem

S. IWATA, *K. NAGANO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

July 24 (Fri) Chair Title and Speaker

9:00-9:40 K.Ando Recent advances in interior tomography

*E.A. Rashed (Tsukuba University), H. Kudo
Reduction of Ultrametric Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Games to Cost Allocation Games on Rooted Trees

*K. Ando (Shizuoka University), S. Kato

10:30-11:10 S.Hayashi Simplex-like approach with semi-infinite programming transformation for linear second-order cone programs

*Y. Ito (Kyoto University), S. Hayashi
Semidefinite complementarity reformulation for robust Nash equilibrium problems

R. Nishimura, *S. Hayashi (Kyoto University), M. Fukushima

13:30-14:10 S.Kohata Primal-dual method and sequential linearization algorithm for absolute value programming problems

*S. Yamanaka (Kyoto University), M. Fukushima
Minimizing the length of a triangle-strip of polygon data

*S. Kohata (Tsukuba University), T. Kuno, R.Tokunbaga, H. Nagano

15:00-15:40 T.Kuno Global Optimization in the New Zealand Electricity Market

*P. Buckland (Tsukuba University), T. Kuno
Linear Optimization over Efficient Sets

T. Kuno (Tsukuba University)

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