Research Interests

My research topic is Programming Logic, the study on various uses of logic in programming languages and methodologies, and on logical structures of computer programming and computation.

Specific Research Topics

  • Foundation of Programming Languages: Lambda Calculi, Type Theory, Functional Programming.

    I have been most interested in various forms of Continuations and Control Operators in functional programming languages, and their connection to Type Theory and Logic. Recently, I am also interested in Staged Programming, and Metaprogramming.

  • Software Verification: Theorem Proving, Logical Framework, Model Checking.

    Since my PhD Thesis, my interests have been staying in formalization of logical systems for reasoning about programs. Along this line, I studied Calculi for Contexts and for Metavariables, and have been using several Theorem Provers including our own system CAL. I am also interested in theory and practical application of Model Checking.

    My publication can be found here.

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