Continuation Fest 2008

April 13, 2008
Tokyo, Japan



Continuations are used, and constantly re-discovered, in web programming, logic, event-based concurrency, linguistics, transactional systems, optimization, program generation and verification. Programming language systems -- including Scheme, OCaml, Ruby, Python, Haskell, Coq -- are (re-)implementing continuations, generators, iterators and related control structures. Continuations are also being studied for their own sake.

We call for an informal gathering of people working in all these areas as well as meet each other and strengthen the community.

Call for Participation

Continuation Fest 2008 is a half-day meeting consisting of techinical sessions and night session (dinner). We sincerely solicit interested programmers, students, and researchers to participate in this stimulating event!

Note. No registration or participartion fee is needed to attend Continuation Fest except the dinner. Those who join the dinner are encouraged to send an e-mail to the organizer by April 11th.


Meeting program is here. There is also a version with Japanese titles.


The Continuation Fest will be held in Akihabara site of University of Tokyo, which is on the 13th Floor of Akihabara "Daibiru" building, a modern building which is very close to JR Akihabara station. (Note. "Daibiru" is the name of a building and "JR" is Japan Railway.)

We note that FLOPS 2008 (International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming) will start April 14th afternoon, and the attendees of Continuation Fest have just enough time to get from Tokyo to Ise City in the morning of Apr 14. More details about the transportation from Tokyo to Ise City, see the access information.

Konshinkai (Informal Sake-and-Dinner Party)


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