Computer Science Research Seminar

Short cut to the 2018 Program.

The Computer Science Research Seminar provides a research forum for doctoral students and faculties in the Department of Computer Science as well as other people who are interested in this seminar. The seminar consists of research talks by doctoral students and invited talks by guest speakers, both given in English. All participants are encouraged to have discussion on the topics of the talks. All students and faculty members of the department are warmly welcomed to join the seminar. Also, participation of other people is most welcome.

Doctoral students can obtain the credits of the elective course "Computer Science Seminar B" (02CH003, 2 credits) by attending the seminar and giving a talk in it (registration on the TWINS system is required).

Dates, time and room
Expected attendees
Notes on attendance
Preparing a talk
Grade for the course "Computer Science Seminar B"
Instructions for registration
  • If you attend this seminar, send an email to us (d-seminar (AT) by April 17th.
  • In addition, if you want to get the credits of the course "Computer Science Seminar B" (02CH003, 2 credits) by attending this seminar, you should register on the TWINS system.

Organizers: Yoshihiro Oyama and Yukiyoshi Kameyama (d-seminar (AT)